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At In Focus Education we really believe in providing our clients with the best education possible. Of course, many other companies claim to do the same thing. So, what sets us apart from the rest? The way in which we operate is unique to our company.

Firstly, we only hire native speakers.

Secondly, we conduct trial lessons in order for you to understand first-hand the student’s level, for you to discuss the student’s goals, and most importantly for you to have an opportunity to get to know the student.

Lastly, we offer students the possibility to have lessons at their workplace, home or in a cafe: in short, whatever is most comfortable for both the student and the teacher. Furthermore, we aim to maximise your time! This means that you choose the time slots which work for YOU!

Our aim is to help students of any age and any level to reach their goals and to open up a whole world of opportunities.

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In Focus Education – Teacher Refresher Course

Introduction and aims

This refresher course is aimed at any teacher who may have been out of teaching for some time, who may be concentrating on harder levels, or who may even just want to brush up on a few areas. In short, the programme is designed for any teacher who wishes to expand upon their knowledge of English language.


As this course is a refresher, it shall be presumed that all those participating shall have a prior base knowledge of approximately intermediate/upper intermediate. Therefore, the session will, for the most part, focus on a variety of methodological approaches to language learning, with group discussions and activities in order to facilitate these newly acquired skills.

  • Teacher refresher courses are offered in a series of packages
  • A standard refresher course takes place once a week for 90 minutes for 10 weeks
  • Intensive courses are daily for six times a week (Mon-Fri) and will last for 90 minutes
  • Each of our courses take place once a month

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